Slow Cooked to Perfection

Bring home the authentic Southern flavor with KW's Original BBQ Sauce or KW's Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce. Our 50 year old recipe is slow kettle cooked with all-natural ingredients.

KW's BBQ Sauce Bottle

Slow Kettle Cooke for 50 YearsKW's Original BBQ sauce is spicy and tangy with a kick to it. Starts out with a tangy flavor followed by a spicy heat. KW's Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce is sweet and spicy with a kick to it too. Starts out with a sweet flavor followed by a spicy heat. Enjoy this robust BBQ sauce on pulled pork, smoked pork ribs, grilled and smoked chicken, smoked beef brisket, grilled steaks, wild game, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, french fries, anything and everything all covered in this home-made BBQ sauce. There is absolutely nothing like that deep slow kettle cooked flavor. This is what you call true finger-licking-good BBQ sauce. After many, many years of sharing the secret BBQ sauce with friends and family, I've decided to share it with other BBQ sauce lovers as well. The recipe has been passed down through my family for over 50 years. Hope y'all enjoy the BBQ sauce as much as all of us in the South do!

— Keith Weeks

KW's BBQ Sauce Customer Reviews


  2. Had KW’s sauce at my mom’s house in GA. I’ve searched far and wide for a sauce like this. I bought 10 bottles. It won’t be long before I need 10 more. Thanks Keith for inventing my new favorite BBQ sauce!!!

  3. A while back I bought a bottle of KW’s BBQ sauce at Bucees in Waller. Since moving to Texas from Georgia a couple of years ago I’ve been unable to find a sauce I like as well as my favorite Georgia brand. Like KW’s it’s not a mass produced bbq sauce. Whenever my family comes for a visit I have them bring me my GA sauce. KW’s is even better than my GA sauce. The sweet and spicy is exactly what I like in a BBQ sauce. I didn’t make note of the name of the sauce after I used the first bottle but I knew what the label looked like. Last night my hubby decided ribs would be good for Sunday dinner but not without that amazing bbq sauce. So at 7:00 last night we drove 50 miles each way just to go get a bottle of KW’s for our ribs. Well actually I picked up four because after all 100 miles round trip is a bit of ways to travel. Ribs were great and the sauce is awesome!

  4. I don’t know where to begin telling you how much I am in LOVEEEE with your BBQ sauce!!!!!! I mean I am blown away! My husband and I grilled out for my Mother’s birthday yesterday and they couldn’t stop moaning while they were eating it!! I was so happy they loved it but I can’t even say it was delicious it was so much more than that!!! HA! The taste wasn’t too sweet or spicy but literally just perfect! We used both bottles and my family loved both flavors! Thank you so much for your sauce. I am addicted. We are grilling out tonight and using your sauce! J I am also giving a bottle to my Aunt who owns a BBQ business. This sauce blows hers out of the water. My father is a HUGE BBQ fan and he was impressed at how evenly everything tasted. He said “It’s so savory and compliments the chicken so well, tell that man he is exceptional!”

  5. You can add a new menu item to your list on the bottle. My wife whipped up some incredibly delicious meatloaf this week using KW’s original BBQ sauce instead of ketchup! Hot Damm brother, that’s good stuff!

  6. KW’s BBQ Sauce, is one of the best sauces we’ve tried, and we have tried a few. We used both the original and the sweet and spicy on chicken, ribs and pulled pork and I have say it was good on everything. I know you can’t taste a picture but these ribs were awesome with KW’s BBQ Sweet and Spicy sauce. My youngest son is our biggest sauce lover and said the ribs were “off the hook good”!!!

  7. Having lived in Texas, travelled through out famous BBQ states, I take grilling and bbq sauces ,as an art and passion. Always trying to find that ONE sauce. I received a sample of KW’s and from the moment I opened the top, I smelled the difference and the quality. I marinated poultry and brisket for several hours. After slow grilling , the sauce remained on outer meat and cooked deep into the center. The taste and flavor was beyond any of my and my family’s expectation! This is NO ordinary sauce. The next weekend, I quickly brushed the meats with the KW sauce and found that it was as delicious as the prior grill. We use it for grilling, dipping sauce, and salad dressing. Warning!!! Keep extra bottles, as guest will keep your stock low!! Great job KW! Brush, lick, eat and enjoy!!

  8. Received KW’s BBQ Sauce and it is the best I have ever tasted. I love BBQ. Will and have recommended it to all of my friends.

  9. Our family enjoys the great flavor of K W’s barbecue sauce. KW’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce has a unique flavor that will have you craving for more. Thank you for getting right!
    Edwin Sealy

  10. KW’s BBQ sauces are unlike any commercial sauce I’ve ever used…not too sweet, spiced just right! We are a family divided…half prefer the Original and the other half prefers the Sweet & Spicy. Awesome sauces!

  11. This bar-b-que sauce is by far THE BEST I have ever had. We use it to baste with as well as a stand alone dip. Garlic bread is awesome dipped in either one of them!!!

  12. We received both of your sauces from a giveaway in the smoking low and slow site. We used both sauces on chicken that we grilled for our Oklahoma State tailgate. They both were great and recieved great reviews from everyone that came by and ate. We have placed our order for more sauce and it will not be the last order. Thanks!!!

  13. Received your sauce from smoking low and slow giveaway. The sweet and spicy sauce it was the very best I have tasted. The sweet and then spicy comes thru not to spicy or hot just the right blend. Anyone that was curious about this BBQ sauce it is so awesome! Would recommend to everyone! Great BBQ sauces. Will be purchasing more. A great sauce I will use all the time

  14. The best barbecue joint, ever, was a place called Bingo’s in a strip mall in Amarillo, Texas (my hometown). I discovered it when I was about 12 and spent the next six years saving quarters to buy Bingo’s amazing brisket sandwiches. What set Bingo’s apart was its delicious, tangy, smoke vinegar-based sauce. The place closed years ago, and, so far as I knew, the secret of that glorious sauce was lost forever. Until I ran across KW’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce at Central Market last weekend, which, I swear, has got to be made to Bingo’s recipe. I can’t describe it to you…just try some, preferably with a little sliced smoked brisket on some white bread. You won’t be sorry.

  15. KW’s BBQ SAUCE REVIEW (Sweet & Spicy) So this weekend I had an opportunity to try out KW’s BBQ SAUCE I have to admit, I was expecting a sauce similar to other commercially produced ones (Jack Daniels, Sweet Baby Rays, etc.) Plate: Hand cut pork chop, fresh corn, lentils and black eye peas (ya’ll) and a side of sauce.First, the good: Keith suggested using as a finishing sauce since the recipe has sugar which is susceptible to burning. WOW!…Great balance of sweet and vinegar bite (twang) all kicked up with a hint of heat (cayenne?) No one flavor stands out, everything comes together to make one delicious, authentic BBQ sauce. The kicker, it’s super savory! Perhaps because it’s kettle cooked? I used some sauce later to dip left over bacon roasted potatoes from breakfast in! Yum
    The Bad: I now realize I’ve been eating sugar infused, basic BBQ sauce for years. Now I know what I’ve been missing! I now know what everyone is getting for Christmas…a card from the dollar store ’cause they ain’t getting my KW’s BBQ SAUCE! Hats off to local boy done good, Keith Weeks…next up…wings with Original sauce.

  16. Purchased the Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce at Central Market in Dallas. It is some of the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted. My family and I have now had it on chicken, ribs and french fries! Love it!!!

  17. Keith – Had some for breakfast the other day… I bet that’s a first!!!
    Wonderful BBQ sauce!

  18. So I don’t use a lot of barbq sauce mainly because I’m usually smoking and use mainly rubs, but this sauce made we wanna get back to using more sauce while cooking like I used too. It’s nothing like I’ve had before, just great flavor with just the right kick and everyone at home just loved it as well as me! I mixed some of the original into some pulled pork and was fantastic, Keep up the good work! Well just got some more & can’t wait to get to cooking some more yumminess with this stuff!

  19. Just too nice not to grill some big, thick chops with some KW’s BBQ sauce on ‘em! Thanks Keith Weeks for your wonderful creation!

  20. My wife Gayle has eaten a lot of BBQ sauce in her life. She said tonight that KW’s was the absolute best she’s ever put in her mouth. She said KW’s was so good that it would make old shoe leather taste good!

  21. My friends Ted and Francis just brought us a bottle of the spicy.
    The best, yes the best spicy bbqsause I have ever tasted.
    My hats off to those that got it right!
    Thanks so much.

  22. Awesome BBQ sauce. It’s the best! There is no going back to the other brands. Great job and keep it coming!

  23. I tried KW’s BBQ Sauce on some pork ribs and I must say, the perfect fit. I can’t wait to try it on other meats, polish sausage is next on my list. The sweet taste with a hint of spice makes it unique and a stand alone sauce.

  24. Wow, I really have enjoyed your BBQ sauce with lots of different dishes. Now, you create your Sweet and Spicy and it tops everything! I love your sauces! I have passed some onto my boss as well.

  25. I’m from Texas, and former owner of a Barbecue Restaurant. Needless to say, I thought I had tried every style of BBQ sauce in the western hemisphere, until I tried KW’s. I’ve had it on brisket, chicken, pork shoulder and pork ribs. This sauce is delicious! I love the perfect balance of sweet, heat and twang. I’ve been sharing it with friends at weekend barbecues, they love it!

  26. First I would like to say I think the Sweet and Spicy will appeal to a larger and more diverse customer base since with its variety of flavors at least one (but probably several) will surely catch their attention. Next I will say the only “perfect scenario” would be having both available at all times. However if I had to choose one or never get to eat either again….I would have to hold onto the old friend original. I just love the immediate burst of flavor and the building kick that hangs around with me after the food is gone. That said…both are winners!! It’s time for me to order.

  27. Great BBQ sauce QB! Tried it on some smoked ham. Sweet an spicy was great! Thanks will order some original next. Thanks again!

  28. I just received the sweet and spicy sauce absolutley wonderful it taste great on pretty much everything. I can’t wait to try the original and intend to order it soon we both love the sauce. Thanks for such an excellent product.

  29. Great BBQ Sauce, I Loved the mixture of spices, the Tangy Kick with all the flavors of a great BBQ sauce. The Best Ive every eaten. GREAT JOB!!

  30. WOW! Just tried the new sweet and spicy. It is awesome! Couldn’t wait until I cooked something, so made me a deli chicken sandwich with KW’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce. Love it!!

  31. Having received this sauce during the holidays has given us a few weeks to try the product with several different meats. I must say we have yet to find a meat it doesn’t work well with. Very impressed with the smooth tangy taste – just the right amount of ‘kick’. Looking forward to enjoying this sauce for a long time!

  32. Wow, great BBQ sauce, I had this on grilled salmon the other night and we will never have our salmon without it again. Great smooth burn with a nice tangy taste. My wife likes the South Carolina gold vinegar BBQ and I like the midwest Brown. With Keith’s BBQ we are no longer a family split by BBQ sauce. We love it.

  33. This BBQ sauce is wonderful! I was very surprised. It’s so much better than anything you can find in your local grocery stores!

  34. Absolutely wonderful sauce!! had it with ribs, and love the bite it has. Spicy but not to much. Love it. Can I order it by the case :O) Can’t wait to try the new sweet sauce!!

  35. I put it on a Boston butt. It was awesome. I think it is the best bar-b-que sauce I have ever eaten. T will be ordering some more.

  36. Received a bottle of KW’s BBQ Sauce for Christmas. This sauce has a very unique flavor. Spicy with a little a tang I’ve now tried it on smoked chicken and grilled pork chops. Wonderful stuff!! I’ll be ordering more in the future.

  37. Frank I’m so glad you enjoy the BBQ sauce. Yes In January I’ll have a new flavor “Sweet and Spicy”. Hope you enjoy the new flavor as well as you do the “Original Spicy” flavor.

  38. Wow Keith that’s some great BBQ sauce! It’s got a great kick to it. The more you eat the more you want! I hear a rumor that there wil be a new sweeter flavor out in January 2014. True?

  39. Hi Barney, at this time I don’t have a greeting card but I would be happy to get you a greeting card and put it in the box. I can also leave out the invoice. Please let me know and I promise I will take care of you.
    Thanks – Keith Weeks

  40. I would like to send a bottle to a friend in South Dakota as a Christmas gift. Do you have a service to include a greeting card or something to know it came from me and not include the invoice?

  41. Paul, glad to have you on board with KW’s BBQ Sauce. Agree that it’s better than anything in the store. You can find it at all Goody Goody Liquor stores in the DFW area, Rudolphs Meat Market downtown Dallas, David’s Meat Market Garland and Ye Ole Butcher Shop in Plano. Soon coming to a store near you!!

  42. Austin – It’s make me smile to know that wonderful people like yourself are enjoying my homemade bbq sauce!! Should have named it “Great On Everything Sauce”!

  43. A good friend gave me a bottle of your sauce to try and all I can say is AWESOME! This stuff is great! I’ve been looking for a different BBQ flavor to enjoy for a long time and this hits the spot. 100% better than anything you can currently buy in the store. Hope to see it on the shelves soon. Until then, I’ll be ordering online!

  44. Some of the best, unique BBQ sauce I’ve ever had! I LOVE IT!! I always add ingredients to regular BBQ sauce to get it just right – no need here. This stuff is GREAT!!

  45. Had a friend turn me on to this stuff and POW!! I love it.

    I’ll definitely be purchasing some more!!

  46. Um-Um-Wow.This sause is the best that I have ever tasted and used.I recommend that you should give it a try. It will wake up your taste bud’s, because it is finger licking good to the last drop.

  47. I work for a van rental company and i rented a van out to the owner of KWS BBQ Sauce. He brought me a complimentary bottle of his sauce and i promised id leave an honest review.
    I work with 4 other Texans who love bbq sauce and have high expectations. Proud to say everyone loved it. It was a hit and id highly recommend it to anyone!

  48. Outstanding sauce! Reminds me of the homemade tradition from Georgia in every drop. Glad I found a new sauce for my baby back ribs!

  49. I just tried KW’S sauce on baby back ribs. The sauce is excellent. It has a nice combination of spices with a balanced flavor. There is a nice slight vinegar tang with the right amount of heat. I would recommend this sauce to anyone.

  50. Last night we made a homemade grilled chicken pizza which featured your sauce as the base. Everyone raved about it.


  51. I just received my bottle of KW’s in the mail this afternoon and poured it on some grilled chicken for dinner. The flavor is far above what I had anticipated and has just the perfect amount of spiciness that I really enjoy.

  52. It’s funny, I happen To work with Keith’s mother and when she told me to try it that I would probably like it. Well, I must admit it is one of the best sauces I have ever Tasted !!

  53. I really enjoyed the distinctive flavor of KW’s sauce. It makes you appreciate what a sauce can become when perfected over time. I can’t wait to share this find.

  54. Excellent sauce! KW’s was recommended by a friend and I decided to give it a go. So much more flavorful than stock brands on the grocery shelves.

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