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BBQ Chicken – Grill It Up

BBQ chicken will always wake me up from a sound afternoon nap.  The smell of fat dripping on red hot coals will revive the laziest of afternoons at my house.  Chickens were, in my opinion, created to be grilled.   Most grills  are just the right size to accommodate a chicken.

The following recipe caught my eye as being rather unique and I thought I would share it.  Enjoy it using our own sauce.

BBQ Chicken

Image by TheCulinaryGeek via Flickr

Along with hot dogs and hamburgers, barbecued chicken is about as classic as it gets when it comes time for grilling. But chicken takes longer to cook than either hot dogs or hamburgers, and loves lower cooking temperatures, so it’s easy to mess up, either under-cooking, over-charring, or both. The trick to good barbecued chicken? Patience. Done right, it will take at least an hour, and even up to 2 hours. Remember that barbecue is slow and low, grilling is hot and fast. You can grill a chicken breast, but chicken thighs, legs or wings are far better barbecued.

The key here is to moderate your heat, however you can. Either set the coals of the grill all on one side so you have a cool spot, put the chicken on the top rack of the grill, farther away from the heat, or, if you have a gas grill, just turn the heat to low. Slow and steady makes the best BBQ chicken.  Click here to view rest of article.

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