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BBQ Ribs – The All American Experience

The term “BBQ ribs” is arguably the most sensual one on the planet for BBQ enthusiasts like myself.

I mean it too.  No joshing.

Whenever I hear someone mention “BBQ ribs” I can actually see them, smell them, and taste them.

Here’s a cool recipe you can try out the next time you get the hankering to make BBQ Ribs at home.

mmm... meat

Image by rick via Flickr

Barbecue is the world’s oldest cooking method and among all the creatures on earth, only humans cook. It can be said that barbecue is what made our ancestors human. Heck, it may be the world’s second oldest profession.

Barbecue was probably discovered by some proto-human tribe padding warily through the warm ashes of a forest fire following their noses to a particularly seductive scent. When they stumbled upon the charred carcass of a wild boar they squatted and poked their hands into its side. They sniffed their fragrant fingers, then licked the greasy digits. The magical blend of warm protein, molten fat, and unctuous collagen in roasted meat is a narcotic elixir and it addicted them on first bite. They became focused, obsessed with tugging and scraping the bones clean, moaning, and shaking their heads. The sensuous aromas made their nostrils smile and the fulsome flavors caused their mouths to weep. Before long mortals were making sacrifices and burnt offerings to their gods, certain the immortals would like to try their heavenly recipes.  Click here to view rest of article.

We would like to invite you to try that recipe with one substitution.  Our own sauce!  Let us know what you think of it and thank you for your visit!