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Easy And Delicious Crock-Pot BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe

You can make tasty BBQ in the comfort of your kitchen with this easy Crock-Pot BBQ pulled pork recipe. With a little liquid smoke, there’s no need for wood, charcoal or flames to get that delicious smoky flavor. Watch the short Youtube video tutorial or follow these three easy steps:

1. Create your own special rub with brown sugar, chili powder and whatever spices you have lying around in your kitchen. Use a bowl to completely coat meat in the rub.

2. Place meat in a plastic bag and seal it with a twist tie to get any air out. Let the meat sit in the refrigerator soaking up the flavors for a full 24 hours.

3. Put meat in a Crock-Pot and drizzle with apple cider vinegar and a lot of liquid smoke. Put the lid on the Crock-Pot and turn it on low. Let the meat cook for 12 hours and look forward to a delicious meal.