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Original BBQ Pulled Pork Recipes

When you want to cook something new for game day, there are all kinds of original BBQ pulled pork recipes on the Internet. In this Youtube video from, you can learn how to make delicious BBQ pulled pork sliders with a creamy coleslaw. For this recipe, you will need about four pounds of pork shoulder.

1. Create a rub with Grand Diamond Original All-Purpose Seasoning, ground mustard, garlic powder, chili powder, onion powder and a little salt.
2. Season the meat with the rub, making sure to get the rub into every crevice and use all of the seasoning.
3. Sear the meat in a cast iron Dutch oven with olive oil to bring out the flavors.
4. Add some chicken stock, root beer and liquid hickory smoke to the Dutch oven and continue cooking.
5. Cover the meat and bake in the oven until done.
6. Serve with some homemade coleslaw.