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The Best BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe You Will Ever Taste

There is a lot of competition from Youtube chefs, but this one is claiming that he has the best BBQ pulled pork recipe you will ever taste. Watch the video from Chef Bart and give his recipe a try to see if he’s right. You will need a Dutch oven and about nine pounds of bone-in pork shoulder for this recipe.

1. In your Dutch oven, cook onions on medium heat.

2. Add fresh garlic and all of the dry ingredients for a rub.

3. Turn the heat up and add some chicken stock and the pork shoulder.

4. After your ingredients come to a boil, cover and place in the oven for eight hours.

When your pork is done, remove all of the large pieces of fat. Tear the pork apart and add the cooked onions. Pour the liquid from the Dutch oven and your favorite barbecue sauce over the meat. Mix well and enjoy!